Products and Services

Apart from many successfully undertaken projects in the area of brush plating a further area of priority for HPE GmbH is trading in the chemicals and accessories for galvanization. This page is meant to give you a small insight into the efficiency of the services and the product range of HPE GmbH.


Here you can see an overview of part of the pieces of equipment and chemicals offered by HPE GmbH – ranging from a power supply unit via the respective anodes to the precious metals needed. You can download our complete product catalogue here .


The following picture shows a typical example of an application of our activities. The repair of a bearing during the process of brush plating. All repair works are being carried out without the removal of the respective component.

Also on site and without any costly removal the repair of the front end of a printing cylinder is being carried out here.

In case of further queries concerning our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can find the contact details for HPE GmbH here.


Download the current product catalogue of HPE GmbH here.

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